Day 461: Weather or not.

Starting a couple of days ago the media started shouting It’s gonna snow! It’s gonna snow! Headlines read Storm of the Century Coming! Schools closed in anticipation. New York City’s mayor announced that 250-thousand tons of salt were ready to spread. 250-thousand tons? Politicians bragged that fleets of plow trucks were ready for that first flake to show up. They’d salt it and plow it and salt it again just to teach it a lesson.

Now I’m not saying that a big storm isn’t on the way. But the last several times we braced for a meteorological calamity nothing much happened. We were told about a hurricane packing hundred-mile an hour winds and so we picked all the fruit off our trees two full months early. What we got were two-hundred bite-sized peaches, golf-ball sized apples, and a bowl of teeny inedible pears.

This time we’ve filled the living room wood rack, started the generator to make sure it still works, and parked the cars so we can get a snow-blower between them.

Blizzard eh? We’ll see.

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