Day 455: My Valentine.

It was 1:00am and I was in bed watching a rerun of West Wing I’d seen a dozen times before. I never tire of Aaron Sorkin’s genius. Delphine came in and handed me a piece of paper. It was a letter she had been working on for some time. It read:

janice-200x250Last week while I was doing a little dusting at a client’s home I found a letter that he had written to his wife. I couldn’t help but read a bit of it. He started out by saying that on this very day fifty years ago he married his best friend. The letter was dated July 4, 1996. I haven’t asked him how long his wife has been gone, but by the part of the letter I read he must have loved her very much.
And then it occurred to me that I have never written a love letter to anyone, ever. You will be the first.
I love you as a person very much. More, in fact, than I have ever loved anyone or any thing. We have built a life together that pleases me and makes me happier than I have ever been, could ever have imagined I’d be. This old house that we have made ours, the Journey Farm, has been hard work, a labor of love for both of us. At times it’s been frustrating that not all things come easily and we have to go about many projects ‘the hard way’. I’m glad that you’re able to do so many things, and are so willing to take on things that you’ve never done to make this home comfortable for all who live here. And, of course, that means all the critters who live here with us. And that’s a love that you have for our home, our critters and for me. You show me in many ways that you are happy here, even with the chores we both do to keep us going, the repairs, fixing up and all the things we’ve done to customize this house just for us.
In the end, just saying “I love you” really isn’t enough, it can’t be enough. It can’t convey what I want it to. That’s where the touching helps tremendously. This give and take, the circle of bonding, feeling goes and comes around, engulfing both of us so that we are complete with each other. My only regret is that we didn’t meet many years ago. But then your two sons might not exist today, who knows what would have or could have happened. Maybe destiny, if there really is such a thing, has a part in this, I’m not sure.
I can’t imagine living without you. I can’t imagine not sharing all the aches and pains, frustrations, joys and happiness with you.
Thank you for being in my life.
I love you.


Wow. Can you see my smile?

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