Day 406: Swollen ducks.

I went to the doctor today to follow up on my successful diuretic-inspired fluid loss. I’ve lost twenty-six pounds of fluid (over ten-percent of my body weight) in seventeen days. That’s what I call a diet! Actually, the best part was there was no particular diet involved. My body just decided with the help of a little white pill that I wasn’t part camel and had no need to store fluid for a walk across the desert.

We’re down to only a foot of snow in the backyard. The shed roof is at last snow-free. Visions of gardens and flowers and cleared trails are dancing in our heads – hurry up Mother Nature! Hurry, hurry! I think it’s called Spring fever. Wonder if there’s a pill for that?

ducks406The ducklings are doing great in the plastic brooder we cobbled together. I hadn’t seen them in a couple of days (Delphine has been feeding and cleaning) and was shocked last night to see that they had doubled in size in the five days since we brought them home. As opposed to the baby chicks we first brought home a few years ago, the ducklings are friendly and trusting and perfectly happy being picked up these huge featherless apes (us). They usually sleep piled up in a scrum in a corner of their brooder. Last night they each snuggled down around the circular poultry fountain resting their chin on the outer ridge and passing time dipping the tips of their beaks in the water and then tilting their heads back to swallow. Dip, tilt, swallow, repeat. It looked a bit like some kind of plastic geegaw you might find in a gift shop at Times Square.

I just got an email sent from Delphine’s phone that said:

Waiting for script at drugstore for client.  How did your doc visit go?  What’s for supper?? Delphine

I replied: Went fine. The doctor seems to be very thorough – a good guy. Says he’s sixty-one and gave up his private practice because the admin burden got too much. He has me cutting the diuretics in half and wants to see me again in 4 weeks “to check potassium levels”. I’ve lost all the fluid weight. He also wants us to walk the dogs twice a day (no, really!). I think Chase may be giving him a little action on the side. The giveaway was when he prescribed five treats a day for the dogs and said the rat bastard cats don’t need any.

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