Day 416: Jean and Jon.

The diuretics seem to be doing their job. I’ve lost about a pound of fluid a day from my legs for the last six days and my energy level is coming up a bit. All that notwithstanding, there are chores that need doing that don’t much seem to care about my state of health.

Six days ago we decided to run an ad in Craigslist to see if we could find someone with a strong back who was looking for a little extra work helping haul and chop and shovel. We were surprised that in six days we got not a single reply. Funny thing. Gmail has been hiding the Craigslist ad responses in a folder called Spam which it then hides in something called More. Neither of us thought to look there until today.

Turns out thirteen folks would be more than happy to lend us a hand now and then for $10 an hour. Some of them even live in Greenville. Wonderful.

jonWe called Jean and Jon. The economy has put both their careers on hold so they’re trying to get a local handyman business off the ground. We had them haul 400 pounds of pellets into the basement, chop some ice between the hay room and the chicken yard, and chatted about our fantasy of extending our dirt road a bit further down our back hill to get at more fallen trees for cordwood. They seem like two enthusiastic hard workers that we’ll be calling on for all sorts of chores. Jean is an experienced heavy equipment operator and Jon lifeguards at the town pool. They have a Facebook page here.

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