Day 433: Home again.

It’s my second night home and I’m getting ready for bed. Just thought I’d try an update.

Weak, I suppose, is the word that best describes how I feel now. I can easily see the appeal of curling up in bed for an extended convalescence. Of course giving in to my anemia and babying myself is probably the surest path to incapacity. Just have to shake it off.

snow-drivewayIt snowed today – again. That puts us at just over sixty inches of the white stuff so far this year.

Whatever point Mother Nature is trying to make – she’s made it. Delphine and I are both developing an unnatural craving for blubber.

I cleared a three foot high bank of snow and ice deposited by town plows at the end of our driveway. That’s the local minister’s house across the street in the picture. He’s done a nice job of fixing it up.

blowerManhandling the snow blower was a real adventure. I don’t know how we’d survive without our faithful old Troy-Bilt. I’ve sucked up a rubber door mat, wound a nylon rope around the intake, jammed hidden bricks and cordwood in the augers – and still it moves a heart attack’s worth of snow every storm.

The electric start is essential. Gasoline engines and I never see eye to eye. Yanking on a starter rope for any machine more than one season old is my least favorite way to get a stiff back.

After clearing the driveway, Delphine went off to care for one of her clients and I went in to my consulting gig for a half day. Just walking up the five steps to the building entrance left me winded – but I survived. The really exhausting part of my day was hunting through reconciliation reports making sure the government SBIR research projects we’re doing are DCAA accounting standards compliant. The paperwork is unbelievable.

To everyone who wrote worried that maybe Day 437 was my last – thanks. Not dead yet (but I do seem to be working on it!).

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2 Responses to Day 433: Home again.

  1. Thank goodness you’re not dead! 🙂 Found your blog on Reddit, I love your sense of humor! I just read through all your posts, I think you’re fantastic. Hope you feel better soon!

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